Wacker Neuson Ltd Joins the SmartEquip Network to Easily Connect to Key Accounts


Wacker Neuson Ltd

Representative: Mark Armson, National Account Manager, Wacker Neuson Ltd
Company Type: Manufacturer/ OEM
Region: Europe
Customer Since: 2017


How does Wacker Neuson Ltd leverage SmartEquip?

Wacker Neuson Ltd leverages SmartEquip by working in line with our key accounts.

How has SmartEquip improved Wacker Neuson Ltd's brand awareness to equipment owners on the SmartEquip Network?

SmartEquip enables us to connect better to equipment owners on the SmartEquip Network.

How has SmartEquip impacted parts and/ or whole goods orders through the network?

SmartEquip offers a smooth, trouble free system for our customers when ordering parts.

As a network partner, what does Wacker Neuson Ltd consider to be the single most beneficial feature of SmartEquip for your customers?

The single most beneficial feature is SmartEquip's ease of use.

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