Kubota Engine America Experiences Double Digit, Year Over Year Growth Since Joining the SmartEquip Network


Kubota Engine America

Representative: Carolina Pham, Marketing Manager, Kubota Engine America
Company Type: Manufacturer/ OEM
Region: North America
Customer Since: 2016


How does Kubota Engine America leverage SmartEquip?

Kubota Engine America’s participation in the SmartEquip Network is an excellent way for us to further support our rental market customers and demonstrate the benefits of being a business partner with the rental companies.

How has SmartEquip improved Kubota Engine America's brand awareness to equipment owners on the SmartEquip Network?

With hundreds of thousands Kubota engines powering key equipment in the rental companies’ fleets, SmartEquip gives our customers increased access and visibility via our extensive library of parts catalogs as well as creating awareness of available parts kits, remanufactured components and new replacement engine options.

How has SmartEquip impacted parts and/ or whole goods orders through the network?

Since joining the SmartEquip network in 2016, Kubota Engine America has seen double digit, year over year growth in parts sales to the rental companies. This combined with the durability of our products leads the rental fleets to prefer that the equipment they purchase be powered by Kubota engines.

As a network partner, what does Kubota Engine America consider to be the single most beneficial feature of SmartEquip for your customers?

Kubota Engine America’s rental fleet customers deal with many different types and brands of equipment. Having multiple logins and websites to their numerous suppliers is simply not practical. SmartEquip provides a convenient “one stop shopping” portal for their fleet, and gives KEA a solid communication conduit for our rental partners.

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