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Embed parts diagrams into the customer's workflow for accurate orders.

  • Provides customers with serial number specific, interactive parts diagrams
  • Delivers branded support information to customers when they need it
  • Eliminates time consuming phone calls and parts inquiries

Simplify Parts Identification

SmartEquip Diagrams delivers supplier specific information at the precise time customers choose parts.


Interactive Diagrams

Easy to use, point and click parts selection.


Parts Accuracy

Serial number specific information ensures the right part is selected.


Reduce Phone Calls

Easy access to information 24/7 eliminates customer support costs.

The Right Information in the Right Place at the Right Time

Increase aftermarket parts sales. Embed your brand in the customer's procurement process.


Efficient Orders

Point, click, PO, order delivered.


Closed Marketplace

SmartEquip helps drive compliance of purchasing programs.



Virtual storefront inside the customer’s workflow.

Diagrams tablet

Receive Accurate Orders

Up to one third of all parts orders contain errors. Providing the right information at time of selection ensures suppliers and dealers receive accurate orders.


Supersession Management

Manage part substitutions electronically.


Flexible Order Routing

Support dealer and direct distribution models.


Price Customization

Set pricing and purchasing options on a per customer basis

The single most beneficial feature is SmartEquip is the ease of doing business, not only for Berlon but the customers as well.

Diane Salzman
Manager - Sales, Marketing & Customer Service - Berlon Industries

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