Partner Equipment Rentals Increases Equipment Uptime with SmartEquip Integration


Partner Equipment Rentals Increases Technician Wrench Time with SmartEquip Integration

Representative: Hernan del Aguila, Founder and CEO
Company Type: Fleet Rental
Industry: Equipment Rental
Region: United States
Customer Since: 2017

Pain Points:

It took too long to order parts and tied up a lot of people’s time. As one of the smaller companies who use SmartEquip, it was important for me to reduce the time spent ordering parts and spend the time helping my customers.

SmartEquip Solutions:

SmartEquip Procurement


As an early adopter of technology to solve business problems, SmartEquip has allowed me to grow my fleet without adding additional personnel. Additionally, it allows my people to spend more time helping my customers and less time ordering parts.

Revolutionizing repair shops one part at a time.

Increase the utilization of technicians and equipment with the only tool that delivers accurate information all on one platform.

Solution Procurement tablet