SmartEquip is pleased to announce the onboarding of PulseTech Products, a provider for battery recovery, charging and maintenance equipment, to the SmartEquip Network.

“What sets PulseTech apart is we don’t just recharge batteries – we revitalize them.” says Shelley Arnette, President PulseTech Products. “PulseTech Products extend the life of batteries 3x and, in turn offer more efficient, resilient and environmentally responsible products to get equipment running at peak performance. We are excited to be able to offer our products to equipment owners on the SmartEquip Network.

With their participation on the network, PulseTech will display product descriptions and pictures for the PulseTechnology battery maintainers, analyzers and chargers, as well as the SolarPulse Solar panels. PulseTech’s innovative PulseTechnology is backed by a robust patent, and effectively eliminates and prevents the accumulation of lead-sulfate on battery plates. SolarPulse solar panels set the industry standard for durability and are engineered to be virtually indestructible, making them the ideal choice for all types of towable equipment.

“We are seeing consistent growth in the variety of suppliers joining the SmartEquip Network”, says Mike Kendall, Vice President of Operations. “The addition of PulseTech’s offerings on the network supports our continued growth and ability to offer equipment owners across multiple industries a diverse range of products needed for the safety and repair of their equipment.”

About PulseTech Products

PulseTech Products is the leader in battery recovery, charging, maintenance and testing of any 12-Volt or 24-Volt battery systems including AGM, gel and flooded cell.  The patented PulseTechnology is the most effective method of removing sulfate crystals from the battery plates reducing battery consumption by 70%.  The Solar Panels are durable and powerful. Get more out of equipment, through best-in-class battery pulse technology.

About SmartEquip

SmartEquip is the leading technology standard for equipment lifecycle management, service, and procurement support for the global construction industry. The platform provides a seamless brand-enhancing experience for fleet owners, manufacturers, and distributors of complex equipment. SmartEquip enhances ROI for all Network participants by increasing equipment uptime, improving both technician wrench time and transaction accuracy, while reducing the total cost of equipment ownership. The SmartEquip Network currently supports more than 700 OEM brands, with over 95,000 users across more than 42,000 equipment locations globally. The Network supports over $1 billion in parts transactions annually and the company is led by veterans of construction, technology, and data sciences. Founded in 2000, SmartEquip is positioned to define tomorrow’s dynamic and evolving equipment industry.