The need for an online store is crucial for today’s parts, equipment and attachment sellers in the construction industry. As the push for digitization and remote sales begins to disrupt and take over the marketplace, building customer loyalty online and establishing yourself as an innovator is important now more than ever.

Within the construction and agriculture industries “more than 50% of B2B buyers want to use eCommerce to make purchases (a ‘digital self-serve’ channel), while less than 30% want to interact with a sales rep face-to-face to complete the transaction.” (McKinsey & Company, 2019) This has only been exasperated over the last 7 months during the pandemic.

In today’s digital world, it’s important for parts, equipment and attachments sellers to make products available to customers online seamlessly with all information at their fingertips. The biggest challenge these sellers face is how to create a frictionless experience and getting their branded e-Commerce site up and running quickly, efficiently, and affordably.

To begin, these companies need to start this process by determining whether selling direct or using a white label solution is the right approach.

Management and Manpower

Sell direct e-Commerce sites are custom built from scratch and often need a lot of manpower to develop and organize. Using the Smart Equip e-Commerce engine with a white label solution offers sellers the ability to “plug and play” their brand and products with an established technology.

White label technology, like SmartEquip e-Commerce, eliminates the need for parts, equipment and attachments sellers to invest in infrastructure or technology to launch an online marketplace, solving three important considerations when companies are deciding whether to white label or sell direct.

Startup Cost

To create, maintain and manage a custom site takes time, money and resources. Pricing a sell-direct e-Commerce website not only includes initial web development price, but incorporates costs associated with continued investments in improved functionality, user experience enhancements, and marketing. An upper level budget that includes all of the above can cost up to $350,000 to build. (Jon Jordan, Atlantic BT, 2020)

For most parts, equipment, and attachments sellers, affording a custom-built site is not feasible from a time and budget standpoint. A white label option, like SmartEquip e-Commerce, takes a substantial amount of these factors out of the equation by skipping over initial development costs. In turn, the cost of implementation is significantly lower – approximately 90% less expensive than sell direct.

Leverage Data, Pricing and Build Customer Loyalty Fast

Developing a custom e-Commerce site to include user experience enhancements can drain internal resources. The biggest challenge within the construction industry is finding the right product support content for ordering parts online.

For 20 years, SmartEquip has been building a network of over 500 OEM brands with a digital product support library to make it easy for technicians to order the right parts for the equipment.

Doosan Parts Store Support Diagram

SmartEquip e-Commerce offers parts, equipment and attachments sellers a user experience that leverages pre-existing product support diagrams. As a product standard for this white label solution, the user experience is ideal, making both product support and ordering is as simple as a few clicks of a button.

Our current SmartEquip site is light years ahead of where we started.  Our customers find it user friendly and very accurate to reduce mistakes in the ordering process.  It has become a total resource solution for our customers, sales force and tech department.” ­–Dana Schrack, VP Sales at Mi-T-M Corp.

In addition to cost and user experience considerations, another important factor in building an online store is branding. Building brand awareness online is essential to maintaining customer loyalty in today’s digital world.

SmartEquip e-Commerce makes it easy for sellers to stand out above the brands they sell by offering a white label platform that will incorporate their logo, theme colors, and messaging from top to bottom. The tools and technology needed to build a fully branded online shop comes standard with the SmartEquip e-Commerce solution.

SmartEquip e-Commerce tablet view of SmarEquip e-Commerce white label solution with complete branding and messaging.

Sellers have the ability to customize their web shop quickly and efficiently without the cost of customization so they can seamlessly integrate their brand into an online marketplace to kick start building customer loyalty online, while maintaining their in-store relationships.

Choosing SmartEquip e-Commerce White Label Solution

Deciding between a white label and sell direct e-commerce solution ultimately comes down to the overall cost, level of resources and demand by customers. As the construction industry evolves, the push for technology is crucial and online selling.

SmartEquip e-Commerce offers a user friendly, efficient and affordable solution to those parts, equipment and attachments sellers ready to make the leap to support their customers online.

Schedule a demo today of SmartEquip e-commerce for rental equipment owners, multi or single brand dealers and OEM’s. The experienced team will be happy to walk you through this one-of-a-kind software solution, answer all of your questions, and help you move your business forward.

Schedule a demo today of SmartEquip e-Commerce for equipment owners. The experienced team will be happy to walk you through this one-of-a-kind software solution, answer all of your questions, and help you move your business forward.


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