In today’s digital world, it’s important for parts sellers to offer an online retail store to their customers. However, the biggest challenge these sellers face is finding an e-Commerce solution that provides an easy, self-serve platform tailored to the construction industry.

The SmartEquip e-Commerce Store 2.0 platform offers a turnkey solution for construction equipment dealers, rental businesses, and fleet owners who need to manage their inventory, product support, sales and more in one easy-to-use, self-serve online platform. It leverages SmartEquip’s industry leading parts catalog network and offers a customizable, scalable solution that will enable retailers to create and manage their stores with ease.

To better explain the benefits of this “out-of-the-box” solution, here are 5 reasons why your customers will want to shop for parts on your SmartEquip e-Commerce Store site:

1. Network connection

One of the big challenges customers face when buying equipment parts, is finding up-to-date manuals and parts diagrams. This means time-consuming searches and potential delays in serving their customers.

With SmartEquip’s one-stop-shop e-Commerce Store platform, you can leverage their global network of over 700 brands offering diagrams and product support information by connecting with those you are authorized to sell. Customers can search easily and have confidence that the parts they’re buying are the right ones for their repair job.

With the SmartEquip Network’s real-time OEM content, you won’t need to worry about old parts and manuals – the content is ready to go, maintained by their suppliers themselves.

2. Intelligent search

For customers, not being able to find what they’re searching for will lead to frustration and a loss of engagement with your online parts store. That’s why SmartEquip e-Commerce Store has enhanced its Intelligent Search feature to provide easy navigation in finding the right manual and the right parts, based on pre-established relationships.

Customers can quickly search by diagram, category or part number and create a multiple parts cart order, with just one click of the button.

3. My Equipment

A key to creating a successful e-Commerce experience is giving your customers options to customize and make the online space relevant to the equipment in their fleet. And in order to encourage customer retention, you need to provide features that make their experience convenient each time they interact with your site.

SmartEquip’s e-Commerce Store platform will give your customers the ability to create an account and build a fleet profile with the My Equipment feature. This provides an efficient shopping experience because customers can:

  • Save equipment to their profile
  • Track parts to equipment (including attach parts orders to equipment for tracking and a quick search for parts by picking equipment in search module).
  • Build maintenance history
  • Search for parts by equipment
  • Purchase and track service by equipment
  • Access to equipment manuals

The My Equipment feature will give your customers as much ease as possible, making them come back to your online e-Commerce site every time.

4. SmartCart

For customers who are in the equipment parts industry, it can be a roadblock when it comes to buying disparate parts, with some priced and others not.

SmartEquip’s SmartCart technology provides automated supersession management, pricing, and inventory options, making it easy for both you and your customers to make smart choices around parts availability and ordering. You can check out parts that are both priced and not priced with cart quoting capabilities, and most importantly you are checking them out together for a seamless checkout experience. This way customers are not missing out on getting the parts they need to complete the service.

This is another example of how SmartEquip’s cost-efficient e-Commerce Store platform offers a custom workflow that you wouldn’t necessarily get if you were setting up your own online retail experience.

5. Mobile friendly

It goes without saying that if you want to meet your customers where they are, you have to provide a modern mobile option. You don’t want to limit your e-Commerce experience to desktop computers only, however, building a proper mobile responsive site can be costly.

With SmartEquip e-Commerce Store, you’ll enjoy a responsive web design and mobile friendly website. Customers who are on the go can get the parts and diagrams they need from anywhere with a few clicks on their device.

Get your e-Commerce parts shop up and running

SmartEquip has raised the bar with an e-Commerce experience that combines speed, convenience, and an intuitive user experience, while also providing a seamless integration with SmartEquip’s powerful parts catalog in a fully branded environment. Other generic e-Commerce platforms can’t offer the specific workflow features centered around complex construction parts, service, and equipment.

Establishing an e-Commerce store can quickly gain momentum and drive value with your customers. Are you ready to get started?

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