SmartEquip and Rouse Services are part of the RB Global family, and the union makes perfect sense. Equipment rental companies and other fleet owners utilize Ritchie Bros. to acquire or sell equipment. SmartEquip and Rouse Services provide complementary and cutting-edge services that support all the other stages of the equipment lifecycle.  

Rouse delivers reporting to fleet owners on industry benchmark rental rates, utilization, and equipment values to enable them to make asset management, purchasing, and disposition decisions with confidence.

SmartEquip meanwhile has been specializing in the parts procurement and service support business for over two decades. Equipment companies come to SmartEquip to connect them directly with their suppliers and their ERP systems on a single platform, which enables dynamic, serial-number-specific support of all the equipment in their fleet. This access allows equipment owners to implement a solitary, consistent process, for every brand of equipment, at every location. With one consistent workflow, the platform makes the process easy to train and even easier to use.  

The two services combine to create a uniformed, customer-first support system for used equipment lifecycle management.

What is equipment lifecycle management?

The equipment lifecycle spans from an asset’s first acquisition to its eventual retirement. Ritchie Bros. offers multiple transaction solutions for an asset’s change in ownership along its full lifecycle, in order to maximize the value for both buyer and seller. SmartEquip offers solutions designed to maximize the value of ownership itself – in other words, while the asset is held, rather than sold. Rouse enables fleet owners to maximize their return on assets throughout the equipment lifecycle and at the time of disposition by providing insights around the value of assets, their rental performance, and the right time to sell.

We’ll break down the several stages – Planning & Deployment, Utilization & Maintenance, and Disposition – and show you where Rouse and SmartEquip can support you at every phase of the journey. 

If you are in the initial acquisition step of your journey, Ritchie Bros. offers multiple ways to purchase equipment based on your needs.

Planning & Deployment – Rouse Fleet Manager

Rouse Fleet Manager is a free software platform that you can use to upload and store your equipment inventory, access meaningful market insights about your machines and consign to the RB Global marketplace when it’s the right time to sell. 

Rouse Fleet Manager replaces the Ritchie Bros. Asset Solutions (RBAS) platform and offers you a range of new features and improvements, including a cleaner and more intuitive user experience, more advanced market insights, a fully featured native mobile app and simpler way to access Ritchie Bros. selling channels.

Benefits of Rouse Fleet Manager:

  • Easy Upload: Leverage modern AI-based tools to easily load and classify your fleet. Simply load your fleet in any Excel format and allow our tech to take over as your data gets automatically validated and transformed into proper OEM-issued makes and models.
  • Insights: Know what your fleet is worth. Rely on accurate, up-to-date live Marketplace-E and auction price estimates directly from Rouse Services, the industry gold standard for equipment insights.
  • Sales: Manage your selling efforts across multiple channels. Easily sell assets across all of Ritchie Bros.’ transaction solutions, including Ritchie List, Marketplace-E, IronPlanet, and Ritchie Bros. live auctions. Select the selling solution that’s right for you, or cascade assets through different channels.
  • Fleet Management: Centralize your fleet management operations into a single, accessible place with Rouse Fleet Manager. Store photos, upload files like Purchase Orders and Maintenance Records, and log notes about your assets throughout the ownership lifecycle.

Learn more about Rouse Fleet Manager

Utilization – Rouse Rental Insights

Rouse Services is the industry-leading source for rental and used equipment market insights.

If you rent your equipment, you will benefit from Rouse Rental Insights to access benchmark rate and utilization data so you can measure your performance and make better-informed asset management decisions by comparing your rental rates, physical utilization, and financial utilization to local market, product-level benchmarks.

  • Make fleet decisions with confidence with actionable rental rate and utilization benchmarking intelligence pulled from over 320 companies across North America, representing over $75 billion of fleet value tracked.
  • Get benchmark rate data that is based on actual rental invoices sent to customers – not quoted or list rates. The standardized data process – backed by extensive equipment industry knowledge – delivers the accuracy you need to make the best, most profitable decisions.
  • A best-in-class proprietary reporting platform and mobile app is tailored to meet the needs of equipment rental companies and dealers.

How does Rouse make this data easily accessible, accurate and current?

Rouse collects actual rental and equipment sale invoices and nightly fleet snapshots from over 320 rental companies and dealers across North America so you can compare your fleet pricing, utilization, and equipment values against benchmarks for the industry.

  • $75 billion+ in nightly fleet OEC tracked
  • $31 billion in rental transaction data collected annually
  • $22 billion+ in private party equipment sale transaction data

Learn more about Rouse Rental Insights

Utilization & Maintenance – SmartEquip Procurement

The Utilization and Maintenance phase can be filled with unnecessary time spent trying to find the right parts for a piece of equipment, creating longer downtime on your equipment, as well as eating up time in your back office and technician wrench time.

SmartEquip Procurement can help you expedite parts delivery time and reduce order errors by providing real-time parts availability and supersessions. It works by creating efficiencies to minimize maintenance time by connecting you directly with your suppliers and ERP system. This integration enables dynamic, serial-number-specific support for all the equipment in your fleet.

It allows your repair technicians to order directly with manufacturers and preferred dealers, while simultaneously updating purchase orders and work orders, ultimately increasing wrench time by 100%.

The result? A full circle productivity solution that improves your business’s operational efficiency, increases fleet availability and revenue, and simplifies customer experience.

Learn more about SmartEquip Procurement

Disposition – Rouse Fleet Manager and Equipment Insights

All equipment inevitably reaches an end point when you must decide to either retire the asset or sell it. To help you make better decisions with your fleet at this stage, you can use Rouse Equipment Insights and Rouse Fleet Manager.

Rouse Equipment Insights help you understand the value of your fleet to determine whether to sell it and to determine the optimal channel for disposal. Rouse leverages over $22B in private party sale transaction data in addition to over $12B in auction data to provide the most accurate equipment values available.

When you’re ready to list sell you can leverage Rouse Fleet Manager to sell across multiple RB Global channels – click and consign to Ritchie Bros. Auctioneers, IronPlanet, Marketplace-E, and Ritchie List.

Learn more about Rouse Equipment Insights

SmartEquip and Rouse are ready to help your business  

Whether you need benchmarking, fleet management, utilization data, or procurement efficiency, SmartEquip and Rouse Services are ready to help. Make better decisions, be more productive, and increase your revenue – with our equipment lifecycle management tools. Get in touch today and our team will be happy to schedule a demo.