SmartEquip and your ERP system are powerful tools on their own. Together, they deliver practical yet significant business improvement.

Every company (and every fleet of equipment within that company) has its own way of doing business — systems and processes in place that support their daily operations. For many, this all ties together into an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system that centralizes all that critical business data and intelligence for more effective business management.

As it relates to the construction industry, more intelligent business management solutions have flooded the market in recent years. It’s important to realize that these are not “set it and forget it” systems. Evolution and constant process improvement is vital in this age of digitization. At SmartEquip, we help those systems work even more intelligently for your business — and integrating solutions like SmartEquip into the existing flow of data and processes is easy and drives immediate gains.

Why Integrate SmartEquip into Your ERP Systems?

It’s often the practical and incremental improvements in business operations that drive the greatest efficiencies over time. By integrating SmartEquip into your existing ERP system, there are many practical benefits you’ll see right away:

  • Greater visibility into existing parts inventory within your business. An example: you input a parts search to place an order and are able to see that you actually have that part at another shop. Instead of placing the order, you just send a parts runner over to the other shop, and you’re back up and running faster.
  • Reduced data entry. When you place an order through SmartEquip, it will send that data — part number, description, work order, pricing — over to the ERP system and prevent you from duplicating administrative efforts, reducing order errors.
  • Automatic master record setup. Whenever a part is ordered for the first time, it often requires a master record to be set up in the ERP system. Integration with SmartEquip automates that setup, issues the purchase order, and preps everything needed to send that order on to the supplier for fulfilment.

Get to correct parts manuals faster. When adding a new piece of equipment to a fleet, the information about the asset is sent to SmartEquip and mapped to the manufacturer parts catalog. This allows the user to enter just the asset number in SmartEquip and we open the manufacturers parts catalog for that unit. When time is of the essence and a part is needed for a repair, this makes the process even faster and easier.

All together, integrating SmartEquip into your existing ERP system will help you manage your business more centrally. No more worrying about multiple logins or separate systems. Cut down on paper work, redundancy and errors. Connect the dots between the operational and administrative sides of your business that will drive real cost savings in time and resources with SmartEquip Procurement.

And as a bonus to the customers of ERP systems that SmartEquip has already developed integrations with, such as: Alert Rental Systems, Baseplan Software, Genisys 2, Point of Rental and Wynne Systems – fleets can integrate SmartEquip into their existing workflows with minimal to no development time as that work has already been done. Don’t see your ERP system here? Our team can help you navigate integration into your current system and many more. Contact a SmartEquip sales professional today to learn more!