Written by Ron Piccolo

SmartEquip is pleased to announce the addition of Blount International Inc. and their Oregon® and Carlton® subsidiaries, and Diamond Professionals International Inc. to the SmartEquip parts procurement network. SmartEquip has continued to evolve from a streamlined web portal for identifying and ordering parts from suppliers, to an online fleet support network that allows manufacturers like Blount International Inc. and Diamond Professionals International to connect with fleet owners and their dealers and provide real-time access to critical parts and service information, including manuals and safety bulletins. The SmartEquip Network drives profits by automating and accelerating the service workflow, streamlining the service process, eliminating order inefficiencies, and increasing asset availability. With more than 200+ OEM brands and 40,000 users across more than 6,000 user locations, the SmartEquip Network has recently surpassed over $2 billion in order value, $20 billion in fleet coverage and $1.4 billion in transactions. SmartEquip has integrated more than 2,000 dealer locations and more than 4,000 fleet locations across North America and Europe in to its online parts support network and continues to expand internationally across Europe and in the mid-market sector of North America.

The addition of Blount International Inc. and its Oregon® and Carlton® subsidiaries, and Diamond Professionals International Inc. will allow SmartEquip to further expand its vision to provide users with all of the fleet support information they need at any given time and all in one place. 

Ron Piccolo, EVP of Sales and Marketing for SmartEquip states, “Our fleet customers have made it perfectly clear, they want all of their parts and support materials purchased through SmartEquip. As of July 2016, we have expanded our Network by more than 10% and continue to focus on growing our Network of manufacturers and suppliers.”


Blount International Inc. is a global leader in the manufacturing and marketing of equipment, accessories, and replacement parts for uses in the forestry, lawn, garden, ranch, farm, and agriculture industries. In the chain saw and forestry industries, Blount’s saw chains, sprockets, and bars are at the forefront of innovation and quality and their outdoor equipment and accessories for use in garden and landscaping applications are among the best in the industry. Blount is the global market leader in the manufacturing of guide bars and saw chains for chain saws and distributes their products under the brand names, Carlton®, Oregon®, and KOX. Blount International Inc., is also the world leader in the production of diamond chain and concrete chain saws, having revolutionized the construction and concrete cutting industries through their Diamond Chain Technology™. Blount International Inc. prides themselves on their reputation of durability and high-quality production and offers their product portfolio in over 110 countries. To learn more about Blount International Inc. please visit, http://www.blount.com, or call, 503-653-8881. 

Diamond Professionals International Inc. was incorporated in 2013 and manufactures high-quality diamond saw blades for use in the construction industry. Diamond Professionals International provides durable, reliable, and innovative diamond products and services to a wide variety of distributors and consumers for many different construction applications. Diamond Professionals International Inc. prides itself on its lasting relationships with their customers, their attention to quality customer service, its excellence in manufacturing and innovation, and its affordable pricing. For more information on Diamond Professionals International Inc. and to view their product line, please visit, http://www.arkansas-ope.com/DIAMOND_PROFESSIONALS.html

About SmartEquip

SmartEquip is the global leader in internet-based solutions serving dealers, rental fleet owners, and manufacturers in the industrial equipment, construction, and power tools industries. The SmartEquip network allows fleet owners to dramatically increase their uptime with more than 200+ OEM brands constantly updating service manuals and critical parts and service information via the SmartEquip online parts support network. SmartEquip has recently developed a new module to make the SmartEquip network more effective and affordable for smaller, mid-market fleets and continues to expand their network globally across North America and Europe with more than 40,000 technicians across more than 6,000 user locations utilizing the network. SmartEquip allows both fleet owners and manufacturers the ability to increase their revenue from their equipment by eliminating parts order errors, driving technician rent time effeciciency, and decreasing equipment down time. Having surpassed more than $2 billion in order value, $20 billion in fleet coverage, and $1.4 billion in transactions, the software and construction industry visionaries behind SmartEquip continue to provide technology that not only keeps your equipment moving, but your business as well. Smart Equip. “Be Ready”.