Nothing hurts more than downtime — and getting equipment up and running as fast as possible is one way to minimize the lost revenue, productivity, and frustration of a down machine.

But will any part do?

This is where we tell you: always consult with your owner’s manual, warranty, and dealer service reps when considering parts and service for your equipment.  

OEM (original equipment manufacturer) or OEM-approved parts deliver a number of advantages, whether replacing a damaged part or taking care of preventive maintenance activities:

  • You know that part is designed, tested, and approved for use with that machine, and that your dealer and the manufacturer will stand behind the part and the machine in case of future problems.
  • Theoretically: that part will perform better, more efficiently and last longer than a third-party or aftermarket part.
  • Your dealer service partners are familiar with the machine and the parts, making installation turnkey.
  • It eliminates guesswork for those fleets that repair their own equipment.
  • You can add that part to your machine knowing that it won’t have any negative effects on the warranty or additional service agreements.
  • Equipment service departments typically keep good stock of known wear parts and consumables, so the likelihood it’s available when you need it is greater.
  • Buyers on the secondary market can have greater confidence in purchasing used equipment that has been maintained and kept running with OEM-approved parts.

Does that mean aftermarket third party parts provide no value? Not so fast: there often can be price savings; and third-party solutions providers may innovate beyond the base OEM parts.

It’s all about balancing parts availability, cost and downtime. When in doubt, leaning on the OEM solution is always a safe bet.

But what if your local dealer doesn’t have a part in stock? Whether you’re a contractor looking to track down a part for your machine, or a dealer looking to expand your parts availability and accessibility — we have solutions that help you track down the right part faster, accurately and at a more reasonable price. When you become a member of our equipment owner network or our supplier manufacturer network, you will have the confidence that the parts you are finding and sourcing, or supplying are truly meant to be used with your machine.