A look at the RER Top 100 and the advantages SmartEquip provides rental businesses.

Statistics and “Top” lists are funny things — they can be analyzed, tweaked, looked at in hundreds of ways.

The RER Top 100 list — compiled and analyzed by the staff and editors at Rental Equipment Register — has been compiled for more than 35 years now and represents a hard statistical look at the rental industry. For those who are not familiar:

Since 1985, the editors of RER annually have compiled a report on the 100 largest rental companies in North America ranked on the basis of rental volume. Every year rental company executives, Wall Street analysts, manufacturers and other suppliers to the rental industry, and other rental industry observers annually await RER’s report. For insight into current growth trends in the rental industry, the RER 100 is the rental industry’s definitive report.

As Mark Twain famously said, “facts are stubborn things, but statistics are pliable”. And, while true, it’s hard to argue with some of these great breakdowns we find in the RER Top 100.

69 percent of North American rental volume across the RER Top 100 is supported by the SmartEquip Network!

Does this mean you have to be one of the largest rental fleets to work well with SmartEquip? Absolutely not — we work with significantly more rental businesses than those on this list. And it’s in those mid-sized rental operations where we see the most growth and the most opportunity for SmartEquip to drive real gains in their business.

Whether you’re a large rental business or a new regional player looking to drive efficiency, fleet uptime, and operating cost savings, SmartEquip can show you how to source and acquire parts faster and keep your service activity moving.   

Don’t take our word for it. In this case­­­ statistics speak volumes.