Written by Ron Piccolo

Holt of California, a leading Caterpillar Dealer in North Central California, has completed the implementation of SmartEquip technology for use by its Cat Rental Store locations. By utilizing SmartEquip’s Enterprise application, Holt has begun to automate service processes, increase technician productivity, eliminate parts order errors, and improve uptime and availability of their rental fleet. The seamless integration of SmartEquip with Holt’s existing systems, DBS and Integrated Rental System, allows Holt to leverage SmartEquip integrations with the manufacturers of over 275 suppliers for brands of equipment that participate in the SmartEquip Network.

Companies Need Efficient Parts Procurement to be Competitive

John Johnson, Vice President – Cat Rental Store, notes, “The equipment rental market in California is extremely competitive, and to be the market leader we have to continue to find ways to improve efficiency, by lowering costs and by increasing revenues. SmartEquip allows us to not only optimize our existing technicians and parts staff, but also establishes a single, consistent process that is easy to understand for new employees, reduces errors, and accelerates their productivity.”

Initial months of operation have yielded promising results. Time & labor savings costs associated with parts procurement alone are estimated to provide a greater-than 5X return on investment (ROI), with expected increases in rental revenue, due to reductions in equipment downtime, expected to more than double the benefit. SmartEquip and Holt are working closely together in expanding benefits to automating equipment inspections, supporting technician training, and a host of other areas.

About Holt of California

For over 85 years, Holt of California has been the Caterpillar Dealer in North Central

California. In 1998, Holt opened their first Cat Rental Store to provide their customers with access to a full range of construction equipment, including not only Caterpillar products, but also air compressors, aerial work platforms, concrete and compaction equipment, and light towers. Holt currently operates eight Cat Rental Store locations. For more information about Holt Cat Rental Stores, please call (916) 381-9940 or visit their website at http://www.catrentalstore.com/holt.

About SmartEquip

SmartEquip is the leading global standard for parts and service process improvement for fleet owners of construction equipment. The SmartEquip network connects fleet owners to manufacturers and their dealers with real time access to critical parts and service information. It helps fleet owners generate more profit from their equipment by automating and accelerating the service workflow, increasing asset availability and revenue. The network streamlines the service process, eliminates order errors, improves technician wrench-time and greatly reduces equipment down time. SmartEquip currently supports more than 270 OEM brands, with over 40,000 users across more than 4,000 locations across North America and Europe. SmartEquip recently surpassed $1.4 billion in transactions and is staffed by veterans of the construction and software industry. SmartEquip drives the fleet performance that grows profitability. SmartEquip. “Be Ready”.