Written by Ron Piccolo

SmartEquip is pleased to announce the addition of four more manufacturers in to the SmartEquip Network. Berner International, Flagro USA Inc., Graco Inc., and Namco Manufacturing have all partnered with SmartEquip to help increase technician wrench-time, drive equipment uptime, reduce administrative costs and increase profitability.  The addition of these four manufacturers further strengthens the Network of more than 200 supplier brands available to SmartEquip fleet customers.  

SmartEquip Network Continues to Grow in 2016

SmartEquip’s EVP of Sales and Marketing, Ron Piccolo adds, “The addition of Berner, Flagro, Graco and Namco as well as the other twenty-two suppliers who have joined in 2016 is a clear indication that manufacturers and suppliers appreciate the importance of servicing their customers through the SmartEquip Network.  No other fleet support Network allows a supplier to be embedded into their customer’s procurement process like SmartEquip does.”

About SmartEquip

SmartEquip is at the forefront of the international equipment industry with the SmartEquip online parts support network currently serving more than 200 OEM brands, 2,000 dealer locations, 4,000 fleet locations, 40,000 technicians/users, $10 million+ parts orders, $2 billion in order value, and $20 billion in fleet coverage. Staffed and founded by veterans of the software and construction industries, SmartEquip allows manufacturers to reduce their consumers’ downtime and maximize their profits by providing them with complete and up to date parts and service information. The SmartEquip network eliminates parts ordering errors by up to 80% and provides interactive and serial number specific diagrams to ensure accurate parts identification; reducing administrative costs and streamlining workflow. The SmartEquip network makes it easier than ever for manufacturers and dealers to interact with their customers and continues to grow and expand its network globally. SmartEquip. “Be Ready”

About Berner International

Berner International is a leading manufacturer of air curtains headquartered in New Castle, PA. Berner International produces the most efficient, reliable, and cost effective air curtains in the industry by combining state of the art equipment and technology, engineering, and highly skilled employees. Berner International manufactures air curtains for commercial, architectural, and industrial settings in order to provide consumers with energy savings, personal comfort, insect control, and the prevention of heating or air conditioning escaping from open doors. Berner International is driven to create state of the line products manufactured with the latest techniques and the highest level of quality. To learn more about Berner International, please visit http://www.berner.com or call, (800) 245-4455.

About Flagro USA Inc.

Flagro USA Inc., is the US distributor for the Flagro Industries product line and has been an industry leader in durable construction heaters since 1978. Flagro USA Inc. provides consumers with high-quality portable heaters, air conditioners, BBQ grills, torches, and fans. Flagro USA Inc. is a privately owned company and established its headquarters in Burnsville, Minnesota in 2007. Their President, Wade Sorenson, is a veteran of the rental and construction industries with more than 13 years of experience. Flagro USA Inc. continues to provide high-quality reliable products and excellent customer service to the construction, rental, and special event industries. For more information about Flagro USA Inc., please visit http://www.flagrousa.com or call, 866-266-2484.

About Graco Inc.

Graco Inc. is dedicated to providing “service to people through profitable growth” and since their humble beginnings as a family-owned business in 1926, Graco Inc. has become a world leader in manufacturing fluid-handling equipment and systems. Graco Inc. has pioneered innovative equipment for any fluid handling application and is one of world’s premier manufacturers in fluid handling systems and packages to control, deliver, dispense, and apply fluids in both commercial and industrial settings. Graco Inc. offers a wide product portfolio of accurate, dependable, durable, and efficient paint sprayers for any job of any scale and remains committed to providing consumers with high-quality paint sprayers and attentive customer service. For more information please visit, http://www.graco.com/us/en/products/product-type/paint-sprayers.html.

About Namco Manufacturing

Namco Manufacturing is a specialist in the manufacturing of carpet cleaning equipment, janitorial supplies, and chemicals for use in both commercial and industrial applications. Namco Manufacturing provides consumers with high-quality green products, cleaning chemicals, cleaning equipment, food service supplies, janitorial supplies, pet supplies, and safety equipment. Namco Manufacturing is an industry leader in housekeeping and safety cleaning techniques and maintains a high standard of quality and cost effectiveness. Based in Houston, Namco Manufacturing prides itself on its biodegradable cleaning chemicals and they are the sole manufacturer of the Scooter, the best carpet cleaning wet vac system in the world. For more information on Namco Manufacturing please call, 1-800-634-5816, or visit http://www.namcomfg.com.