PDQ Rentals, Santa Fe Springs, CA, has entered into an agreement to access the SmartEquip Network. By utilizing SmartEquip’s Enterprise application, in conjunction with their existing rental management software by Point-of- Rental, PDQ will be able to streamline their service process, eliminate parts order errors and increase their rental fleet’s utilization. PDQ will be able to leverage the combined platform to enhance their existing business relationships with the 160 parts and MRO suppliers on the SmartEquip Network.

About PDQ Rentals

PDQ Rentals is one of the first Point-of-Rental customers to join the SmartEquip Network. Earlier this year, SmartEquip and Point-of-Rental Software announced a strategic partnership to integrate their respective software platforms. This integration enables Point-of-Rental’s Enterprise users to easily add SmartEquip Enterprise through a cost effective, robust interface designed by a joint team of software engineers at Point-of- Rental and SmartEquip.

“We have watched the development of the SmartEquip Network over several years and are very excited to be one of the first Point-of-Rental customers to sign with SmartEquip,” notes Todd Turner, PDQ Rentals’ Vice President. “We look forward to leveraging the SmartEquip Network to reduce order errors, increase mechanic wrench time and improve our fleet’s uptime and utilization.”

“We are pleased to welcome PDQ Rentals to our rapidly expanding mid-market customer base,” adds Fernando Pinera, SmartEquip’s COO. “We firmly believe the efficiencies that SmartEquip delivers are not just for large contractors or national rental fleets. All fleets benefit greatly from our Network’s ability to reduce the manual processes and errors that create inefficiencies.”