Product detail of Site Drainer’s Enhanced Catalog Solution

SmartEquip is pleased to announce the launch of Site Drainer Pump’s Enhanced Catalog on the network. Site Drainer offers participating equipment owners their non-clogging, fully submersible, electric, de-watering pumps.  A truly new invention that enables dewatering a location without worrying about leaves, rocks, trash, rope, mud, or other debris.

 “Gone are the days of babysitting pumps and wasting money on pump down-time,” said Tony Penchuk, CEO of Site Drainer.  “We believe we make the “Better Mousetrap” of dewatering pumps and are excited to showcase our products more easily in our customer’s procurement and maintenance processes for smoother, more accurate transactions with the Enhanced Catalog solution.”

Site Drainer’s Enhanced Catalog will feature their patented free-flow cage and integrated float system, as well as external floats and non-float options on all pumps, which includes their robust Stainless Steel Series, versatile Pit Boss Series, as well as their plastic utility pump.

Their pump catalog will display product descriptions, pictures, and the ability to point and click to order their electric dewatering pumps and accessories to equipment owners who onboard their solution to their single log-in SmartEquip Procurement platform.

“Site Drainer joins over 600 other supplier brands on our fast-growing SmartEquip Network,” stated Ron Piccolo, Executive Vice President of Operations. “Our industry has clearly recognized the necessity for e-Commerce and SmartEquip’s role in supporting the relationship between fleet owner and the supplier with a wide variety of product offerings.”

About Site Drainer

Site Drainer, LLC maintains corporate headquarters in Clifton, New Jersey, where all their pumps are designed and assembled on-site using the highest quality components. Site Drainer pumps have been field tested for over ten years in a myriad of extreme environments and applications.  All finished products, as well as those in development, are in a constant state of quality control testing as part of our routine manufacturing process. Site Drainer is committed to designing and manufacturing innovative, easy-to-use and environmentally conscious products that are made in America. Inventor and Founder, Antonio Perez’s continuing vision is for Site Drainer to become the superior solution to what is currently lacking in the electric submersible dewatering pump industry.

About SmartEquip

SmartEquip is the leading technology standard for equipment lifecycle management, service and procurement support for the global construction industry. The platform provides a seamless brand-enhancing experience for fleet owners, manufacturers, and distributors of complex equipment. SmartEquip enhances ROI for all Network participants by increasing equipment uptime, improving both technician wrench time and transaction accuracy, while reducing the total cost of equipment ownership. The SmartEquip Network currently supports more than 600 OEM brands, with over 95,000 users across more than 42,000 equipment locations globally. The Network supports over $1 billion in parts transactions annually and the company is led by veterans of construction, technology, and data sciences. Founded in 2000, SmartEquip is positioned to define tomorrow’s dynamic and evolving equipment industry.