SmartEquip is thrilled to announce the onboarding of Star Diamond Tools, a leading supplier of concrete related diamond saw blades and equipment.  “I am grateful that Star Diamond Tools has selected SmartEquip as the platform to deliver their customer’s point of purchase support,” says Ron Piccolo, Executive Vice President, Network & Support Operations.  “SmartEquip’s continued growth is evidence that companies like Star Diamond Tool is embracing e-commerce but want to ensure that the right information is being delivered to the customer.  Because SmartEquip is not an open marketplace, we allow both the OEM and suppliers to have an efficient digital strategy, while maintaining direct contact with their customers.”

The SmartEquip Network currently supports over 400 suppliers and is excited to add Star Diamond Tools to the network. “I am very pleased to be able to improve our customer service through SmartEquip.  When our customers need Diamond Tools or equipment parts, they need to have them shipped the same day.  SmartEquip is a true time saver for both buyer and seller,” says John Bernat, founder and CEO of Star Diamond Tools.

About Star Diamond Tools

Star Diamond Tools was founded in 1994 and is engaged in providing diamond tooling and equipment to the rental, distribution, government, masonry, concrete coating, polishing and surface prep markets in Canada and the US.

Star Diamond is the exclusive Canadian rep for EDCO products and provides customer service, technical training and educational support. EDCO Magna Trap tooling and common wear parts are stocked in Canada for quick delivery.

About SmartEquip

The SmartEquip Network is the leading global standard for equipment lifecycle support and procurement. The platform provides a seamless brand-enhancing experience for equipment fleet owners, manufacturers, and distributors of complex equipment. SmartEquip technology enhances ROI for all Network participants by increasing equipment uptime, improving both technician wrench time and transaction accuracy, while also reducing the total cost of equipment ownership. The SmartEquip Network currently supports more than 400 supplier brands, with over 40,000 users across more than 4,000 locations across North America and Europe. SmartEquip recently surpassed $1.4 billion in transactions and is staffed by veterans of the construction and software industry. Founded in 2000, SmartEquip is positioned to define tomorrow’s dynamic and evolving equipment industry.