Written by Ron Piccolo

The SmartEquip Network has partnered with four new manufacturers to expand the product portfolio available to fleet owners. Star Industries, Mobile Products Inc., SolidBoss Worldwide Inc., and Trojan Tracks are now integrated in to the SmartEquip Network and available to fleet owners.

These new partnerships will allow these manufacturers and SmartEquip to better serve the needs of their consumers and new developments in the market. The support network will provide Star Industries, Mobile Products Inc., SolidBoss Worldwide Inc., and Trojan Tracks the ability to connect their consumers and dealers with real-time access to parts and service information and help deliver growth and profitability. The SmartEquip Network remains the leading global standard for seamless equipment lifecycle support and procurement and supports more than 200 OEM brands and 40,000 users across more than 6,000 user locations. SmartEquip continues to expand its network across North America and Europe and define tomorrow’s evolving and dynamic equipment industry. 

About Star Industries

Star Industries is a heavy duty construction equipment manufacturer based in Fort Worth, Texas. All of their products are American made and can be found at dealers and rental stores throughout the United States and Canada. Star Industries aims to manufacture the most innovative products for the construction industry while ensuring that their dedicated dealers provide the highest level of service to the end user. Star Industries manufactures high-quality construction attachments suited to tackle any job and their Skid Steer attachments have been proven to be some of the most durable in the industry. Star Industries focuses on efficiently managing their business and offering their products at a fair price to their consumers while providing the utmost level of customer service. For more information on Star Industries please call, (817) 485-6073, or visit http://www.starindustries.com.

About SolidBoss Worldwide Inc.

SolidBoss Worldwide Inc. is a respected manufacturer of pneumatic and foam-filled tires commited to providing consumers and the construction industry with a high-quality reliable option for any of their equipment needs. SolidBoss Worldwide, Inc. was incorporated in 2005 by CEO Robert Gilkenson, who has been selling heavy equipment tires and construction tires since 1998, and is based in South Haven, MI. SolidBoss has seen a 400% growth in the past ten years which the company attributes to a focus on quality, research and development in tire technology, providing exceptional service, and OEM acceptance. SolidBoss offers a broad selection of products in a variety of sizes, tread patterns, and construction types to fit any equipment need. SolidBoss’ custom solutions for municipalities and companies have served consumers in scrap yards, waste management, mining, demolition, construction, foundries, and many other settings. For more information about SolidBoss Worldwide Inc., please visit, http://www.solidboss.com, or call, 888-258-7252.  

About Trojan Tracks

Trojan Tracks was founded by Jeff Verhiel and Derek Charles after they had a vision to create a rubber track and parts company with high-quality products, exemplary customer service, same-day shipping across North America, and if necessary, a hassle-free warrantee process. Today Trojan Tracks is one of the leading suppliers in the industry of skid steer tires, rubber tracks, undercarriage parts for compact track loaders, directional dills, mini excavators, and crawler dumpers. Trojan Tracks’ product line is distributed across North America and is used in construction, agriculture, landscaping, demolition, recycling, and many more applications. Trojan Tracks are durable, reliable, and designed to exact OEM specifications for a perfect fit to your equipment. To learn more about Trojan Tracks please visit, http://trojantracks.com, or call 1-877-307-3298.

About SmartEquip

The SmartEquip Network allows fleet owners and manufacturers to connect with one another through real-time access to critical service and parts information, streamlining the service process and improving customer satisfaction. With SmartEquip’s web portal, fleet owners are able to generate more profit from their equipment by increasing asset availability, improving technician wrench-time, reducing equipment downtime, and eliminating order errors. Manufacturers are able to interact with their dealers and consumers in real-time, deliver diagrams and manuals to consumers quickly and accurately, make it easier for fleet customers to identify, validate, and order parts, reduce administrative costs, and help fleets maximize their profitability. Founded by experienced members of the software and construction industries, SmartEquip recently surpassed $1.4 billion in transactions with the SmartEquip Network currently supporting 210+ OEM brands, 4,000 fleet locations, 2,000 dealer locations, 40,000 users, 10 million parts orders, $2 billion in order value, and $20 billion in fleet coverage. SmartEquip is continuing to expand, develop, research, and innovate to better serve our partners in both the manufacturing and fleet industries. SmartEquip. “Be Ready”.