Written by Ron Piccolo

The SmartEquip Network has been joined by four new vendors, Summit Supply LLC., Makinex Construction Products, Armadillo Tire LLC., and Silverstone Inc.  All have all signed contracts enabling them to connect with their consumers via the SmartEquip Network. By joining the SmartEquip Network, these manufacturers and distributors will be able to provide significant improvement in both their transactional and operational efficiencies, as well as streamline their internal workflow and drive profits for both themselves and their consumers. These new partners can now leverage SmartEquip’s online parts support network to increase their exposure and part sales to the fleet customers who use SmartEquip to drive shop procurement and efficiency, while increasing operating efficiency and uptime. SmartEquip serves over 40,000+ users and technicians across more than 6,000 locations, including 75% of the construction equipment locations of the top 20 of the RER 100. The SmartEquip Network provides fleet owners and dealers with more than 200 OEM brands and recently surpassed more than $1.4 billion in transactions, 10 million parts orders, $2 billion in order value, and $20 billion in fleet coverage. 

Ron Piccolo, EVP of Sales and Marketing at SmartEquip adds, “Because equipment fleets are inherently comprised of multiple brands and a wide variety of models, it is vital that SmartEquip offer the depth and breadth of suppliers on our Network that our fleets require. SmartEquip is constantly expanding its global network and is pleased to welcome the additions of Summit Supply LLC., Makinex Construction Products, Armadillo Tire LLC., and Silverstone Inc.”  

About Summit Supply LLC

Summit Supply LLC. was split off of parent company Multi Machine Inc. in 2004 to better serve the needs of North American consumers who needed a track company that sold quality products at affordable pricing and provide enough inventory to serve the needs of any job regardless of scale or deadline. Today, Summit Supply LLC. manufactures rubber tracks for a variety of construction equipment and applications and offers high-quality products, a huge inventory, longevity, and excellent customer service. Summit Supply LLC. manufactures their rubber tracks with a mix of synthetic and virgin natural rubber to ensure flexibility and durability and the continuous wound steel cords found on their rubber tracks makes them among the strongest in the industry. Summit Supply LLC. also carries a product line of solid tires for skid steers, undercarriage parts for many makes and models of equipment, and rubber pads that attach to steel tracked machines. To learn more information about Summit Supply LLC. and their products please visit, http://www.summitrubbertracks.com, or call, 888-888-1248.

About Makinex Construction Products

Makinex Construction Products is an expert in the development, design, and distribution of innovative and reliable equipment serving the construction, equipment hire, landscaping, and infrastructure industries. Since 2004, the Australian owned private company has been providing consumers with a wide product range of equipment and accessories suited to tackle any project. Makinex focuses on driving efficiency while striving to find unique solutions for tradespeople and contractors to handle challenges of any caliber or scale. Makinex has plans to expand their existing product portfolio, their involvement in local and international markets, and is continually working on improving through extensive research and development. For more information on Makinex Construction Products, please visit their website, http://www.makinex.com.au. 

About Armadillo Tire LLC

Armadillo Tire LLC. was founded in 2014 by Steven Smith, a former Darr Equipment Co., Caterpillar dealer with over 13 years of experience in the industry. Steven’s experience in understanding what a dealer and their consumers truly need is what drives Armadillo Tire LLC.’s commitment to delivering value and quality to the dealer and end-user. Armadillo Tire LLC. is an expert in the distribution of solid tires for skid steers, forklifts, backhoes, and other industrial equipment for use in a wide variety of applications and works to ensure that they produce positive results, high-quality products, and exceptional customer service for both the consumer and the manufacturer. To learn more about Armadillo Tire LLC., please visit, http://armadillotire.com, or call, 855-860-5618. 

About Silverstone Inc.

Silverstone Inc. has been specializing in “off road” tires, wheels, rubber tracks, tire/wheel assemblies, flat proofing and foam fill products for the landscaping, agriculture, construction, industrial, turf and utility, rough terrain, ATV, and non-marking and rubber tracks industries since its establishment in Omaha, NE in 1997. Silverstone Inc., manufactures and distributes their tires, wheels, and mounted tire/wheel assemblies internationally and provides complete tire/wheel assemblies for a wide variety of OEM industries throughout the United States and across the world. Silverstone prides itself on their high-quality products and exceptional customer services, allowing their consumers the ability to respond to any challenges or changes in the market. For more information about Silverstone Inc., please visit their website, http://www.silverstonetireandwheel.com, or call, 888-455-4910

About SmartEquip

SmartEquip is the world leader in online parts support, with the SmartEquip Network allowing fleet owners to connect with the manufacturers and dealers they depend on in real-time, with less paperwork, in a way that drives profits and efficiency. The SmartEquip Network benefits fleet owners by allowing them to increase their asset availability, create an automated and accelerated workflow, gain access to most up-to-date critical parts and service information, and eliminate administrative downtime and errors. Manufacturers who partner with SmartEquip are granted the ability to access the service needs of their customers in the most accurate and efficient way possible while increasing their own efficiency, driving profits, and streamlining product support. Currently there are over 200+ OEM brands participating in the SmartEquip Network serving 40,000 users and technicians across 6,000 locations. SmartEquip, founded by experts in the construction and software industries, is always striving towards providing intelligent solutions for manufacturers, fleet owners, and dealers, no matter what their needs. With a network spanning across North America and Europe, SmartEquip continues to extend its global network and influence and is expected to continue growing throughout the coming years. SmartEquip. “Be Ready”.