Written by Ron Piccolo

The SmartEquip Network continues its rapid growth with the addition of three new suppliers to the online fleet support Network. Brunner Canada Inc., Autonomy Technology Inc., and MSI-Forks are now available to fleet owners within the SmartEquip Network.  SmartEquip’s executive vice president, Ron Piccolo notes, “By partnering with SmartEquip, manufacturers and suppliers can deliver three important things to their customers, easy to find parts, accurate ordering and maximized profits. With SmartEquip, they are delivering the right information and delivering it in a way that helps drive efficiency and profitability for their customers and themselves.” 

SmartEquip Network Boasts Over 200 OEM Brands

The SmartEquip Network allows fleet owners and manufacturers to connect to critical parts and service information in real time from a single source and boasts over 210+ OEM brands, 2,000 dealer locations, 4,000 fleet locations, 40,000+ technicians and users, and 10 million parts orders. The SmartEquip network provides consumers with extended product support capabilities and eliminates parts ordering inefficiencies: improving equipment uptime and delivering significant savings. 

About SmartEquip

SmartEquip was founded in 2000 when a group of industry visionaries realized the inefficiencies and complexities in maintaining a large fleet of intricate equipment supplied by a huge number of different manufacturers and dealers. Today, more than 210+ manufacturers, 6,000+ user locations, and 40,000+ technicians and users are utilizing the SmartEquip online parts support network to decrease their consumers’ costs of operating and maintaining machinery, streamline workflow, and grow their profits. The SmartEquip network offers both fleet owners and manufacturers the opportunity to decrease inefficiencies, provide exceptional customer support, and lower administrative costs. With SmartEquip network partners all across Europe and North America, SmartEquip is continually expanding and has recently surpassed $1.4 billion in transactions. Staffed by seasoned veterans of the construction and software industry, SmartEquip continues to grow their network globally and improve their services through extensive research and development in the latest technology. Smart Equip. “Be Ready”. 

About Brunner Canada Inc.

Brunner Canada Inc., a subdivision of Brunner & Lay Inc., is a leading manufacturer of mining and construction tools serving Canadian consumers. Brunner Canada Inc., ensures that quality, value, and service are built in to their wide range of products and have been recognized as industry leaders in equipment manufacturing since their founding in 1882. Brunner Canada is constantly striving for stability and growth, advanced research and development, and the latest manufacturing technology in order to provide Canadian consumers with the right product for any job. For more information please visit http://www.brunnercanada.com or call, 800 325-8213.

About Autonomy Technology Inc.

Autonomy Technology Inc., has been operating since May of 2004 and is both a manufacturer and a supplier of electrical equipment and wire, cable, and electrical components. Based out of Las Vegas, NV, Autonomy Technology Inc., serves the markets of temporary and critical power, entertainment portable power, heavy industrial electrical, mining, petro-chemical, oil and gas, and wastewater treatment among many others. Autonomy Technology Inc., focuses on truly listening to the needs and challenges of their consumers and finding the best solutions and products to handle any project in the most efficient way possible. To learn more, please visit http://www.atielectrical.com or call, (702) 576-9200.

About MSI-Forks

MSI-Forks is a subsidiary of MS International PLC and is based out of the United Kingdom with manufacturing locations in both the United States and Brazil. MSI-Forks is the world leader in fork-arms manufacturing and has been forging a wide product portfolio of high-quality fork-arms since 1964. MSI-Forks is dedicated to providing their international consumers with the highest quality products, in the least amount of time, at the most affordable prices and they are constantly working to improve their systems and processes in order to meet the markets demands. To learn more about MSI-Forks please call, (803) 980-6800, or visit http://www.msi-forks.com