It doesn’t take much to see that e-Commerce has exploded in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. Familiarity with online ordering and delivery of goods has opened consumers up to a whole new world of convenience — and that extends into their work life as well.

If you look at trends in e-Commerce — increased competition, higher costs to reach targets, supply chain — you’ll see that growth is expected to continue even if it has slowed a bit. The reality is that e-Commerce is here to stay — and you and your business should embrace the trend and grow with it. 

But is ordering equipment parts and components really the same as your weekly grocery order or finding a kid’s birthday present at a retailer four states away?

It is. And you can be the one delivering that convenience to your customers. 

“But I don’t understand e-Commerce,” you might be saying to yourself. “I’m not a developer!” The beautiful thing is you don’t need to be. SmartEquip e-Commerce Store makes establishing an online presence for your business extremely straightforward and turnkey.

With SmartEquip, we’ve created an e-Commerce solution that is simple and customizable in a way that allows you to properly represent your brands and your business, while leveraging SmartEquip’s extensive library of OEM schematics” says Fernando Pinera, Chief Executive Officer, SmartEquip. “You can onboard quickly, deliver your customers a simple solution for fast and easy parts ordering, and give them a better overall customer experience that doesn’t require a drive to your shop and a chat with your counterman. While those interactions are invaluable, they aren’t always necessary or the most effective use of time.”  

Unlike other “out of the box” e-Commerce solutions available today, SmartEquip is industry-specific and provides industry-relevant content and support — including manuals, equipment histories and more. With SmartEquip e-Commerce Store you can:

  • Extend our supplier connections directly to your customers, with you and your brand as the facilitator. As an authorized dealer, you will be able to provide access to all parts from the brands you carry in a single online platform, versus having to direct customers to the individual suppliers, or go through the hassle of setting up all of those individual connections yourself through the supplier.
  • Offer “Smart Cart” technology that provides automated supersession management, pricing, and inventory options, making it easy for both you and your customers to make smart choices around parts availability and ordering.
  • Expand your access to inventory, establish shipping and connect into your other business programs.
  • Help build your brand and reach your target customer by “white labeling” the site — including your branding, colors, etc. — while also leveraging the built-in marketing tools made available with SmartEquip.

How Do I Make This a Profitable Part of My Equipment Business?

Establishing an e-Commerce store is not a magic switch that will start flowing parts orders through your business. It needs to be established and nurtured, but it can gain momentum quickly and drive value with your customers — especially with the familiarity of other online ordering apps and programs.

So how can you start getting it to take hold in your business?

  • Focus first on the convenience you are providing your customers. If you focus on convenience and service, the revenue will follow. If you focus solely on revenue without the appropriate nurturing, you’ll be disappointed. 
  • Your customers will always stop in your shop, either inquiring on new equipment or picking up parts. As part of each transaction or interaction, introduce the concept of the new online store to them and let them know that there is now a wealth of parts available to order online. If they are renting or buying equipment from you, set them up with an account as a courtesy, show them how easy it is to order, find manuals, and see other content related to their equipment (and other equipment you offer).
  • Promote it via your social media accounts and email blasts. Whether on their mobile device or on their computer, this puts them at just a click away.
  • Embrace this as an easy and effective way for your business to source parts and work on equipment other than the brands on the sign out front.

With the right love and care, a white label e-Commerce solution from SmartEquip can be the right tool to make life better for your existing customers and introduce you to a whole new generation of convenience-minded customers too. You can be this next-level provider in your territory. Let us help – schedule a demo of SmartEquip e-Commerce Store today