Welcome the newest companies to join the SmartEquip Network

New Procurement Fleets

API Supply, Inc.

New e-Commerce Customers

LGMG North America, Inc.

New Suppliers

Abbott Rubber Company, Inc.
Big Ass Fans
Crown Battery Manufacturing
Company, Inc.
Cryo-Métal Inc.
Dentec Safety Specialists Inc.
Eparts, Inc.
IVE International
Kaeser Kompressoren SE
Lake Area Service & Supply
Milwaukee Tool Corp
Multitel Pagliero S.P.A.
Rubber Track Experts
Thor Mfg LLC
Tipco Technologies, Inc.
Trime US, Inc.
UniCarriers Forklift
United Group, Inc.
USA Ratchet, LLC
Zenex International
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Smart-E Spotlight


Julissa Vernazza
Senior Customer Support Representative
Q: How long have you been at SmartEquip? Describe your Smart-E journey.

A: I have been in SmartEquip for 2 years and 7 months - I started when the pandemic was about to occur in just a few weeks. My SmartEquip journey was a new learning experience because I was able to obtain the basic information in office, but then everything else was taught remotely.

Q: Now that we are back in the office, what is the most unique item on your new desk?

A: The most unique items on my desk are the buttons. I have a bunch of different buttons all say different things: "No!!", "Blah Blah Blah", "That Was Easy", and one that plays Darth Vader's theme song, which I press when our Manager of Customer Support walks by - he loves it and everyone laughs.

Q: What is your best workplace memory?

A: When we had our first Summer Smart-E party after the pandemic at a park in Norwalk, CT. It was nice seeing everyone and getting to meet other employees for the first time.


Q: Do you have any exciting Fall or holiday plans?
A: I’m very close to my parents and look forward to having our special Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners.

Q: What are you reading or listening to (book, podcast, music) right now?

A: XM radio: Pitbull Globalization

Q: What is your favorite motivational quote?

A: Live, Laugh, Love

About SmartEquip

SmartEquip is the leading technology standard for equipment lifecycle management, service and procurement support for the construction industry. The platform provides a seamless brand-enhancing experience for fleet owners, manufacturers, and distributors of complex equipment. SmartEquip enhances ROI for all Network participants by increasing equipment uptime, improving both technician wrench time and transaction accuracy, while reducing the total cost of equipment ownership. The SmartEquip Network currently supports more than 600 OEM brands, with over 95,000 users across more than 42,000 equipment locations globally. The Network supports over $1 billion in parts transactions annually and the company is led by veterans of construction, technology and data sciences. Founded in 2000, SmartEquip is positioned to define tomorrow's dynamic and evolving equipment industry.