Written by Ron Piccolo

Yancey Cat, the nation’s oldest Caterpillar dealer located in Austell Georgia, has recently completed the implementation of SmartEquip technology for use by their Cat Rental Store locations. By utilizing SmartEquip’s Enterprise application Yancey will be able to automate service processes, increase technician productivity, eliminate parts order errors, and improve uptime and availability of their rental fleet. The seamless integration of the SmartEquip and Wynne Systems RentalMan applications will allow Yancey to leverage integrations with the manufacturers of over 200 brands of equipment that participate in the SmartEquip Network.

Billy Holliday, Vice President for Rental Services says, “Yancey is committed to growing its equipment fleet as well as the number or rental locations to meet the needs of its customers throughout the state of Georgia. SmartEquip technology is a great addition to our company because it simplifies our maintenance and repair workflow by eliminating over 50% of the steps in the current process. This allows us to not only optimize our existing technicians and parts staff, but establishes a single, consistent process that is easy to understand for new employees, reduces errors, and accelerates their productivity. In the long run, we believe that using SmartEquip technology will allow us to compress the repair and maintenance cycle, which will result in improved fleet availability and customer satisfaction.”

Fernando Pinera, SmartEquip COO adds, “Our goal is to drive increased profitability for fleet owners, manufacturers and their dealers by integrating both their procurement systems and operational processes. We’re excited that Yancey Cat is now using SmartEquip technology to support their Cat Rental Store operations, in addition to their other fleet customers on the SmartEquip Network”. 

About Yancey Rents

Yancey Rents is a Cat Rental Store operation associated with the Yancey Bros. Co. and operates nine locations in Georgia, with a 10th opening in Kennesaw in the fall of 2016. In addition to a full range of Caterpillar equipment, Yancey Rents carries a comprehensive line of essential equipment and tools for the construction, commercial, and industrial markets. For more information about Yancey Rents, please call (770) 819-5208, or visit http://www.catrentalstore.com/yancey/equipment.

About SmartEquip

SmartEquip is the leading global standard for parts and service process improvement for fleet owners of construction equipment. The SmartEquip network connects fleet owners to manufacturers and their dealers with real time access to critical parts and service information. It helps fleet owners generate more profit from their equipment by automating and accelerating the service workflow, increasing asset availability and revenue. The network streamlines the service process, eliminates order errors, improves technician wrench-time and greatly reduces equipment down time. SmartEquip currently supports more than 180 OEM brands, with over 40,000 users across more than 4,000 locations across North America and Europe. SmartEquip recently surpassed $1.4 billion in transactions and is staffed by veterans of the construction and software industry. SmartEquip drives the fleet performance that grows profitability. SmartEquip. “Be Ready”.